Logan Fraser

 Professional Accomplishments

Logan Fraser Logan Fraser is an experienced special event coordinator and project manager who has background in retail sales as an owner of an aluminum railing company in the construction industry. Logan has worked on special events with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Saskatchewan Junior hockey league, the Saskatchewan Olympic pavilion, Leader post, and craven country jamboree. Logan has also led and Project managed the construction and grand opening of a branch for the Regina Public Library as well as helped sales manage a launch of a safety product in the oil and gas industry.

Logan thrives on customer-focused mentality that creates long and lasting relationships. He has an extensive background in sales management with a proven track record of incremental sales in all the projects and clients he’s worked with. Business development and sponsorship sales has allowed him to build solid relationships with high profile companies.

Logan is currently the project manager  for the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

Companies you’ve worked with:

  • Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (present)
  • Craven Country Jamboree (Present)

  • Regina Public Library Regent branch Construction
  • Cabelas
  • Junos 2013
  • Canadian Digital Network
  • Ditch Hitch
  • Saskatchewan Hockey Association
  • Great Canadian Oil Change
  • Exit Realty
  • Leader Post
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • Evraz Place
  • Tourism saskatchewan 2010 Saskatchewan WInter Olympic Pavilion

Education Background:

  • Attended post secondary education at the U of R business certification program
  • Bilingual with an International Bacca Laureate certificate


  • Mountain biking
  • Investing
  • Real estate
  • Swimming with my dogs
  • Reading investment books/business books
  • Staying healthy (gym, biking, hockey etc)
  • Renovating properties

Favourite super hero:

Green Lantern for sure!

Favourite book:

When I was 17 I read “The Wealthy Barber” by David Chilton (common sense guide to investing, great book to learn the basics )…nowadays I’ve got way too many to list.

Favourite cartoon character:

Leanordo from The Ninja Turltes – A true leader.

Favourite Song:

Basically anything country

Most inspirational people I know:

I cannot name just one inspirational person, as many people have impacted my life in many ways so perhaps it is anyone that has overcome personal challenges for the betterment of themselves.

Favourite quote:

“If your needs are many, you may never be happy. If your needs are few and easily met you may always be happy”

– Brett Wilson

“Work smart, not hard”

– Ted Klassen

Contact Details:

[email protected] 306.596.1689 Twitter: logansfraser

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