• What does Fraser Strategy do?

    Fraser Strategy is a gathering of experienced professionals that offer a variety of specialized processes including business strategy, marketing strategy, project and event management and business development – to name a few. We work with like-minded clients that are open to progressive change management. We enjoy our work and it shows!

  • What sectors has Fraser Strategy worked in?

    Fraser Strategy is proud to have worked in many industries and business sectors including the following:

    • Agriculture
    • Brewing Industry
    • Economic Development
    • Fairs and Exhibitions
    • Gaming
    • Libraries
    • Not- for-profit organizations
    • Provincial Government ministries
    • Sports Marketing
    • Tourism
    • Automobile Industry
    • Cultural Institutions
    • Esthetic sector
    • Federal Government ministries
    • Industrial Safety
    • National & International Event management
    • Property Management
    • Sports & Recreation development
    • and many more…
  • What makes Fraser Strategy different from other consulting firms?

    Fraser Strategy has been known to not take themselves too seriously yet we are very serious about delivering measurable results for our clients. In other words, we strike an honest and meaningful business relationship in a trusting environment. It is this environment that allows for a candid and straightforward approach to the task at hand. We are confident in our experience and competencies and we are not afraid to give advice and recommendations based on “doing the right thing” – even if this may not necessarily be what the client believes is required. Many consultants will succumb to the “wants” of the client but we will recommend what we believe is “best” for the client. It is this integrity to the business process that sets Fraser Strategy apart from others and allows them to swim in the “blue ocean”. (Hint: The team are all fans of the book, Blue Ocean Strategy – give it a read)

  • Why should you choose Fraser Strategy?

    We work with like-minded clients – clients that are open to self evaluation, inward-facing assessment and progressive change. We work with clients who understand that consultants should not work in isolation. These clients understand that the process needs to set its sights on an end goal and that the work is done together. Fraser Strategy believes in the concept of transference of knowledge and we are open to shorter term and one-off contracts. And finally, we work with clients that don’t mind having a laugh or two along the process – so if this works for you this may very well work for us. Give us a call and we’ll figure out the “fit”.

  • Don't you hate pants?

    Yes! That’s why you don’t see us in a big office with fancy coffee machines and big foosball tables. Our associates have no issues travelling to your location or meeting anywhere you please – as a matter of fact we enjoy it! This sums it up for most of here at Fraser Strategy:

  • Who would really win in a cage-fight of Yosemite Sam versus Marvin the Martian?

    This is a great question and like all challenges put forth to Fraser Strategy, the solution has to be underpinned in great research. Should we really be put to the task of discovering the better of the two Loony Tunes characters then we would put our crack research team on it and they would discover such interesting and vital data to the posed question as follows:

    Marvin the Martian

    • First met Bugs Bunny in 1948 and was introduced as Commander X-23
    • His home planet is Mars (duh) and his spaceship is called the Martian Maggot
    • Not happy as the planet Earth blocks his view of Venus
    • Has in his possession an illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator which supposedly can produce an “earth-shattering boom”
    Yosemite Sam

    • Is one of only three human characters on the Looney Tunes cast
    • He has portrayed a civil war general, a Viking, a pirate and a black knight which may speak to his ability in a proposed cage match
    • He also wears a bandit mask no matter which role he plays
    • We note this to be worthy information as to his dedication to his foundational character as a wild west bandit

    It would be a great fight and we are not about to disclose the winner here (we’ll wait for a client to put us to the test on this) but the point here is that any task – any plan – any strategy MUST have a rock-solid foundation of research prior to moving to the next steps. All of our work is done with an initial focus on the Discovery Stage and we take a great deal of pride in providing top-notch research and data-mining for our clients.