Trent Fraser named VP of Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

Member’s Advisory

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the 2011/2012 Board of Directors as elected at the Annual Meeting held on Wednesday, June 1st.



President – Hugh Vassos (Saskatoon)

Vice President – Trent Fraser (Regina)

Treasurer – Reid Mossing (Regina)

Secretary – Scott Waters (Saskatoon)

Past President – Paul Spasoff (Regina)



Linda Burnham (Regina)

Greg Indzeoski (Regina)

Shirley Kowalski (Saskatoon)

Richard Ziffle (Regina)


On accepting the position of President, Hugh Vassos noted, “I look forward to leading the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame through an exciting time of change. The focus of the new board will be on improved facilities and displays, a new strategic plan, and aggressive marketing. We will reintroduce ourselves with the Saskatchewan sports-minded public as the protector and promoter of this province’s rich sports history.”


Correspondence may be sent to any of the above individuals c/o the Sports Hall of Fame


For additional information please call:


Hugh Vassos, President

(306) 222-5392

[email protected]


Sheila Kelly, Executive Director

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Regina, SK

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