How does one get the Boomers to Blog?


Baby boomer (definition):

  • a baby boomer is known to be someone born during the demographic post World War II  birth boom between 1946 and 1964, including 1964.

Let it be known that I am a “young” baby boomer and please note that I will ALWAYS be considered a “young” baby boomer. And I like to consider myself as someone that fully embraces the new media platforms available to us including blogging, Twitter and XBOX 360 (Red Dead Revolver rocks!) I am also fortunate to work with some younger people who are pushing for us Boomers within the company to blog more.

"Baby Boomer Graph"

United States birth rate (births per 1000 population). The blue segment is the postwar baby boom

What can a Baby Boomer Teach us?

Apparently these same young people believe that us folks with the “grey hairs” have something to contribute. They are probably right but the blogging world is new to us. Still we need to dive in and participate in this new social setting. I have and I need to say that I actually enjoy it. Blogging is an avenue for me to tell the stories and examples that I often use when dealing with clients in a private or group session. Experience is indeed a wonderful thing and blogging has provided me with a virtual soapbox to tell those stories and give you my perspective on the best ways to approach different situations. Indeed the other “grey hairs” have lots to share but how do we get them to particpate in a consistent manner?

Help the Boomer help the Boomers.

I’m looking for some input from the readers – young and old. Please comment about ways of convincing the boomers that their blogs are welcomed and appreciated. Is it free beer? Perhaps it is a DVD prize of old TV shows based on ‘x’ number of posts? What baby boomer could turn down the full season set of Get Smart or the original Star Trek series? How about the original Battlestar Galactica with Lorne Greene? This has got to make them take notice.

Please post some ideas below in the comments or on twitter – we need to get the boomers to blog. Your contributions will ensure the experience will not be lost before Alzheimer disease sets in.